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In a Chef leeZ "grass roots", "mom and pop", Thai Cooking School in Bangkok cookery class lesson vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers, families with children, couples, singles, never cooked before and accomplished chefs learn together in our Thailand Trip advisor #1 school. The #1 Thai cuisine cookery lesson 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014!

In class you will learn, hands on, all the technique related to the dishes of the class from inside our stainless steel air-conditioned Bangkok classroom from Chef Leez a professionally trained, humorous instructor. Your class will start with a brief, in classroom, intro to ingredients after which your group class will take a short 5 minute walk to our local Thai market. 

On the way to the market you may see another Thai local, up to 3 meters in length, the Thai water monitor lizzard, they are an awesome dinosaur like sight.  After your market lesson (why you would select this one over that one) you return to our air conditioned stainless steel classroom where you do the hands on preparation of the ingredients for your first of the class gourmet cuisines, then you cook that dish, then eat it and repeat for each dish of the cookery lesson or course. 

We look forward to sharing with you. Have you tried our free gourmet vegan or meat Thai cuisine recipes (over 60 Thai recipes) and how to tutorial videos? Why not? They're free! 
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